Illustrating Joyce's Ulysses

During an eight-week artist residency at the TIDES Institute and Museum of Art, I created an image for every page of James Joyce's Ulysses (The Gabler Edition). Unlike previous illustrators I shifted my style for each chapter to reflect the experimentation that Joyce is doing with the prose. I move across 18 different media / source material in order to give readers of this 'visual Ulysses' a sense of certain themes, moods, and contexts which are essential to the understanding of the text. The resultant book is somewhere between an artist book and a visual critical essay. I hope to attract people back to this epic novel while helping them reach a richer understanding of it. The book is available for purchase here.

You can read the review by Harvard Professor Louis Menand in his June 2016 Bloomsday New Yorker article.

Above are a very small selection of the 644 pieces I created for the project. To view them all along with the full text of the novel, please visit

The 8.5 x 11in edition of my book is available for purchase direct from my publisher BookBaby. Click here to purchase.