3D Printed Porcelain With Mark Meier

Since January 2023 I have been working in remote-collaboration with Mark Meier to create an ever expanding collection of new works in 3D extruded integrally-colored porcelain vessels. In this correspondence-based practice, I make colored porcelain in my studio, load it into tubes using various dynamic geometries, and then send it to Mark a few states away. He then preps his printer, installs the tube and supervises the various stages of clay extrusion. We have been exchanging forms, and surface designs and through Mark's new software protocols we created many new paths for shifting rhythmic, chromatic, and textural qualities of digital ceramics. Since we come to the table with different, but at times overlapping, skills, the results have surprised us both and always seem to generate more questions and avenues to explore.

The fruits of our collective labor can be collected through my Etsy store, but Mark also has pieces for sale on his Etsy store which showcase his parallel explorations in 3D printed ceramics.

Above is a sample image of one of our tubes ready to print and a video of the printing process. Below you will find some GIFs which seem the best way to capture the organic flow of color across our many vessels.

Much more work to discover on our Collaborative Etsy store and on Mark's Etsy store

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