I am interested in the specific nature of Classical Greek pottery forms. Each of the shapes I have chosen to work with are either specifically gendered female ( Loutrophoros and Alabastron) or connected to bathing and cleansing rituals (Amphora and Lekythos). To me the vessels are stand-ins for the female form.

This is the first outdoor sculpture I completed. It was displayed in the courtyard at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden for the two months of my show. To make it, I covered a plaster gauze base in concrete. The beaded veil brings an element of delicacy in contrast with the rough surface of the vessel. I plan to make more outdoor work and I am especially interested in pigmenting the concrete.

Netted Cement Loutrophoros at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
Plaster base covered in concrete and a beaded wire net
48in x 15in x 15in