Tidal Bathers

In my newest works, arches and founts place my figures and vessels in a kind of minimalist bath house or public fountain. Inspired by metaphysical classicists like Giorgio de Chirico, the environment of my installations is defined through color gradients and architectural elements. By using my body as a model, I engage in a public mode of self-reflection through making. The resultant sculptures are both flawed and intimate. Driven toward sensuous detail, I obsessively replicate body hair on my figures. The full heads of braids, curled wire pubic hair and embroidered leg and toe hairs are stitched in one strand at a time.  

The Water Carrier
Plaster gauze cast from mold of artist’s body, gas pipe, wood, mesh, concrete, dyed fabric, laser-cut fabric, thread
63in x 24in x 19in