Moments of Thaw: 2012-2015

This series began during my time at Swarthmore College when I introduced magnets into my studio to solve a hanging problem. As with many things, I found another way to use these magnets in my practice: to connect forms through glass. My first piece was a tulip that passes through the side of a clear glass vase. From this piece grew many investigations of both animals and plants passing through various glass objects and panels. These magnetic sculptures have a complicated relationship with their containers for they appear to both be breaking through them while remaining in some ways trapped. This paradox is what I call the 'moment of thaw.' The glass becomes like ice thawing, and the sculpture is emerging in that initial moment of change.

I created these colorful birds for my show in September 2015. They do not include any cyanotype elements; each feather is cut individually. The body is covered in a neutral fabric, the beak is a hand carved wooden dowel, and the feet are made from hand-wrapped wire.

This magnetic fish piece was completed in the spring of 2013. For the first time I was experimenting with the Inkodye chemical to create the colorful skins of each fish.

Octopus, 2013

Pisces, 2013

Jaguar, 2013

Fox, 2013

Life Cycle, 2012

Gecko, 2012

Daffodil, 2012

Tulip, 2012

Finch, 2012

Falcon, 2012

Fish Bowl, 2012

George, 2012

Bloom, 2012