Blood Orange Elephants

This set of elephant sculptures was commissioned by a private collector in Brooklyn, NY. It was inspired by a photograph from below of an Indian elephant swimming through the ocean. The skin for these pieces is made with dyed cyanotype prints of elephant skin and found textiles in the same shades of purple, red, ochre, pink, orange, peach or brick. The pieces are a little bit smaller than life-sized, but the head still measures about 7ft by 3ft by 5ft and the tail 5ft by 3ft by 6ft.

Botanical Cyanotype Quilt

This piece was commissioned for the Swarthmore College Inn in Swarthmore, PA. It measures 30in by 72in and is stretched over a wood panel 1.5in deep. The surface of the piece is a collection of cyanotype photograms of leaf specimens collected from Swarthmore's campus inspired by the work of Anna Atkins. The final arrangement was then stitched together and stretched around the panel.

Images from the Studio

Below you can see images of the layout and sewing process.

Butterfly Cascade

This piece was commissioned for the Swarthmore College's main Library, McCabe. It is a five tier mobile with 1,000 stiffened fabric butterflies of various colors. The top level of blue butterflies were made using the cyanotype process, while the others were all printed with silk-screen and various inks. Scroll down to see a time-lapse video of the installation in the 25 foot atrium.

SwarmMcCabe from Tasha Lewis on Vimeo.