The Carcass and Ravens:2015

This piece was created for the Bronx Museum's AIM (Artist in the Marketplace) Biennial show at the museum during the summer of 2015. In this installation on the second floor of the atrium, the elk carcass decomposes into a large pane of Plexiglas and is surrounded by 7 ravens. One bird emerges from the ceiling, one is perched on the dead elk's antlers and five other circle around suspended in hanging panes of Plexiglas. Scroll down to see process shots from my studio.

This piece is available for purchase. Please contact the artist for details.

After the show at the Bronx Museum, this piece traveled to Spartanburg, SC for the group show A Dyeing Art at the Spartanburg Art Museum where it was shown surrounded by other sculptural fiber artworks. Unlike the installation at the Bronx Museum, this version was placed on a base, and the bottom half of the rib cage was not on view. Moreover, it looks as if the carcass has decomposed into the gallery floor.

Images from the Studio

The following are snapshots from my studio which show you a little bit about how different elements of the piece were made. The base form of the sculpture is made from cardboard, wire, wood, newspaper, plaster, magnets and masking tape. It has two sections, one above the Plexiglas and one below it. The magnetic sculpture was then covered in a patchwork of found and embroidered textile. Each feather on the ravens was stitched with a sewing machine to a piece of wire that acts as the quill and supports the stiffened fabric.