Animal Skulls: 2015-Present

This on going series was inspired by my Carcass sculpture. I am interested in creating fabric covered bones and hand-wrapped cord antlers and horns. I plan to explore non-naturalistic colors of para-cord and even glow-in-the-dark elements as this group of work develops. Scroll down to see some images of my process.

Many of these works are available for purchase. Please contact the artist for details.

My first piece of 2016, this small gazelle skull is paired with pink / lailac colored wrapped antlers.

This ram skull was created during the summer of 2015 and showcases quasi-naturalistic para cord wrapped horns. Like my Herd series previously, this piece engages with the permeability of the wall and causes viewers to imagine that the remainder of the animal is just out of view.

Images from the Studio

Below you can see some snapshots from the studio while I was making some of these piece. As with most of my work, the base sculpture is a mixture of cardboard, newspaper and masking tape.