Two Dimensional Work: 2010-2015

I only began working in sculpture in the fall of 2011, before that I was mostly a photographer, collagist, and print maker. I still continue to work on fabric paintings or collages, especially since I have gotten interested in textile design.

Taxidermy Pattern (Light), 2015

Taxidermy Pattern (Dark), 2015

Bears and Shields, 2015

Keys, 2015

Train Station, 2015

Coal Plant, 2015

State Museum, 2015

Mural, 2015

Bail Bonds, 2015

Venus, 2011

After Venus, 2011

Gaze, 2011

Study for Gaze, 2011

Salt Jordan, 2011

Four Vases, 2010

The Garden, 2010

Baby Shoes, 2010